• new: client side catching of WAMP URI errors in|register|publish|subscribe


  • fix: implement client side payload exceed max size; improve max size exceeded handling
  • fix: detect when our transport is “already” closed at connect time (#1215)
  • fix: XBR examples


  • fix: add forgotten cryptography dependency (#1205)


  • new: XBR client library integrated (#1201)
  • new: add entropy depletion unit tests
  • fix: make CLI tool python2 compatible (#1197)
  • fix: use cryptography pbkdf2 instead of custom (#1198)
  • fix: include tests for packaging (#1194)


  • fix: authextra merging (#1191)
  • fix: set default retry_delay_jitter (#1190)
  • new: add rawsocket + twisted example (#1189)
  • new: WebSocket testing support, via Agent-style interface (#1186)
  • new: decorator for on_connectfailure
  • fix: delayed call leakage (#1152)
  • new: CLI client (#1150)
  • fix: set up TLS over proxy properly (#1149)
  • new: expose ser modules (#1148)
  • fix: base64 encodings, add hex encoding (#1146)
  • new: onConnecting callback (with TransportDetails and ConnectingRequest). Note: if you’ve implemented a pure IWebSocketChannel without inheriting from Autobahn base classes, you’ll need to add an onConnecting() method that just does return None.


  • fix: RegisterOptions should have details|bool parameter (#1143)
  • new: WAMP callee disclosure
  • new: WAMP forward_for in more message types; expose forward_for in options/details types
  • new: expose underlying serializer modules on WAMP object serializers
  • fix: WAMP-cryptosign fix base64 encodings, add hex encoding (#1146)


  • fix: import guards for flatbuffers (missed in CI as we run with “all deps installed” there)


  • new: add experimental support for WAMP-FlatBuffers serializer: EVENT and PUBLISH messages for now only
  • new: add FlatBuffers schema for WAMP messages
  • fix: improve serializer package preference behavior depending on CPy vs PyPy
  • fix: relax protocol violations: ignore unknown INTERRUPT and GOODBYE already sent; reduce log noise
  • fix: skipping Yield message if transport gets closed before success callback is called (#1119)
  • fix: integer division in logging in py3 (#1120)
  • fix: Await tasks after they’ve been cancelled in autobahn.asycio.component.nicely_exit (#1116)


  • fix: set announced roles on appsession object (#1109)
  • new: lower log noise on ApplicationErrors (#1107)
  • new: allow explicit passing of tx endpoint and reactor (#1103)
  • new: add attribute to forward applicationrunner to applicationsession via componentconfig


  • new: adding marshal on SessionDetails


  • fix: return the wrapped function from component decorators (#1093)
  • new: add proxy= support for Component transports (#1091)
  • fix: Ticket1077 stop start (#1090)
  • fix: cleanup cancel handling (#1087)



  • new: forward_for WAMP message attribute (for Router-to-Router federation)
  • new: support RawSocket URLs (eg “rs://localhost:5000” or “rs://unix:/tmp/file.sock”)
  • new: support WAMP-over-Unix sockets for WAMP components (“new API”)
  • fix: use same WAMP serializer construction code for WAMP components (“new API”) and ApplicationSession/Runner
  • fix: memory leak with Twisted/WebSocket, dropConnection and producer


  • Don’t eat Component.stop() request when crossbar not connected (#1066)
  • handle async on_progress callbacks properly (#1061)
  • fix attribute error when ConnectionResetError does not contain “reason” attribute (#1059)
  • infer rawsocket host, port from URL (#1056)
  • fix error on connection lost if no reason (reason = None) (#1055)
  • fixed typo on class name (#1054)


  • fix: TLS error logging (#1052)


  • new: Interrupt has Options.reason to signal detailed origin of call cancelation (active cancel vs passive timeout)
  • fix: Cancel and Interrupt gets "killnowait" mode
  • new: Cancel and Interrupt no longer have ABORT/"abort"


  • new: WAMP call cancel support
  • fix: getting started documentation and general docs improvements
  • fix: WebSocket auto-reconnect on opening handshake failure
  • fix: more Python 3.7 compatibility and CI
  • fix: Docker image building using multi-arch, size optimizations and more
  • fix: asyncio failed to re-connect under some circumstances (#1040, #1041, #1010, #1030)


  • fix: Python 3.7 compatibility
  • fix: remove Python 2.6 support leftovers
  • new: getting started docker-based examples in matching with docs


  • new: Python 3.7 supported and integrated into CI
  • new: WAMP-SCRAM examples
  • fix: glitches in WAMP-SCRAM


  • fix: implement abort argument for asyncio in WebSocketAdapterProtocol._closeConnection (#1012)


  • fix: security (DoS amplification): a WebSocket server with permessage-deflate turned on could be induced to waste extra memory through a “zip-bomb” style attack. Setting a max-message-size will now stop deflating compressed data when the max is reached (instead of consuming all compressed data first). This could be used by a malicious client to make the server waste much more memory than the bandwidth the client uses.


  • fix: asyncio/rawsocket buffer processing
  • fix: example failures due to pypy longer startup time (#996)
  • fix: add on_welcome for AuthWampCra (#992)
  • fix: make run() of multiple components work on Windows (#986)
  • new: max_retries now defaults to -1 (“try forever”)


  • new: WAMP-SCRAM authentication
  • new: native vector extensions (NVX)
  • fix: improve choosereactor (#965, #963)
  • new: lots of new and improved documentation, component API and more
  • new: Docker image tooling now in this repo
  • fix: “fatal errors” in Component (#977)
  • fix: AIO/Component: create a new loop if already closed
  • fix: kwarg keys sometimes are bytes on Python2 (#980)
  • fix: various improvements to new component API


  • fix: endpoint configuration error messages (#942)
  • fix: various improvements to the new components API (including retries)
  • fix: pass unregisterProducer through to twisted to complement WebSocketAdapterProtocol.registerProducer (#875)


  • fix: proxy support (#918)
  • fix: ensure that a future is not done before rejecting it (#919)
  • fix: don’t try to reject cancelled futures within pending requests when closing the session


Published 2017-09-23

  • new: user configurable backoff policy
  • fix: close aio loop on exit
  • fix: some component API cleanups
  • fix: cryptosign on py2
  • new: allow setting correlation_is_last message marker in WAMP messages from user code


Published 2017-09-12

  • new: allow setting correlation URI and anchor flag in WAMP messages from user code
  • fix: WebSocket proxy connect on Python 3 (unicode vs bytes bug)


Published 2017-09-04

  • new: allow setting correlation ID in WAMP messages from user code
  • fix: distribute LICENSE file in all distribution formats (using setup.cfg metadata)


Published 2017-08-15

  • new: prefix= kwarg now available on ApplicationSession.register for runtime method names
  • new: @wamp.register(None) will use the function-name as the URI
  • new: correlation and uri attributes for WAMP message tracing


Published 2017-07-21

  • new: lots of improvements of components API, including asyncio support


Published 2017-06-24

  • new: force register option when joining realms
  • fix: TLS options in components API


Published 2017-06-07

  • new: allow components to pass WebSocket/RawSocket options
  • fix: register/subscribe decorators support different URI syntax from what session.register and session.subscribe support
  • new: allow for standard Crossbar a.c..d style pattern URIs to be used with Pattern
  • new: dynamic authorizer example
  • new: configurable log level in for asyncio
  • fix: forward reason of hard dropping WebSocket connection in wasNotCleanReason


Published 2017-05-01

  • new: switched to calendar-based release/version numbering
  • new: WAMP event retention example and docs
  • new: WAMP subscribe/register options on WAMP decorators
  • fix: require all TLS dependencies on extra_require_encryption setuptools
  • new: support for X-Forwarded-For HTTP header
  • fix: ABC interface definitions where missing “self”


Published 2017-04-14

  • new: payload codec API
  • fix: make WAMP-cryptobox use new payload codec API
  • fix: automatic binary conversation for JSON
  • new: improvements to experimental component API


Published 2017-03-28

  • fix: errback all user handlers for all WAMP requests still outstanding when session/transport is closed/lost
  • fix: allow WebSocketServerProtocol.onConnect to return a Future/Deferred
  • new: allow configuration of RawSocket serializer
  • new: test all examples on both WebSocket and RawSocket
  • fix: revert to default arg for Deny reason
  • new: WAMP-RawSocket and WebSocket default settings for asyncio
  • new: experimental component based API and new WAMP Session class


Published 2017-03-26

  • fix: big docs cleanup and polish
  • fix: docs for publisher black-/whitelisting based on authid/authrole
  • fix: serialization for publisher black-/whitelisting based on authid/authrole
  • new: allow to stop auto-reconnecting for Twisted ApplicationRunner
  • fix: allow empty realms (router decides) for asyncio ApplicationRunner


Published 2017-02-25

  • new: WAMP-cryptosign elliptic curve based authentication support for asyncio
  • new: CI testing on Twisted 17.1
  • new: controller/shared attributes on ComponentConfig


Published 2016-12-29

  • new: demo MQTT and WAMP clients interoperating via
  • new: WAMP message attributes for message resumption
  • new: improvements to experimental WAMP components API
  • fix: Python 3.4.4+ when using asyncio


Published 2016-11-30

  • new: WAMP PubSub event retention
  • new: WAMP PubSub last will / testament
  • new: WAMP PubSub acknowledged delivery
  • fix: WAMP Session lifecycle - properly handle asynchronous ApplicationSession.onConnect for asyncio


Published 2016-11-07

  • fix: inconsistency between PublishOptions and Publish message
  • new: improve logging with dropped connections (eg due to timeouts)
  • fix: various smaller asyncio fixes
  • new: rewrite all examples for new Python 3.5 async/await syntax
  • fix: copyrights transferred from Tavendo GmbH to Technologies GmbH


Published 2016-08-14

  • new: new autobahn.wamp.component API in experimental stage
  • new: Ed25519 OpenSSH and OpenBSD signify key support
  • fix: allow Py2 and async user code in onConnect callback of asyncio


Published 2016-07-19

  • new: WAMP AP option: register with maximum concurrency
  • new: automatic reconnect for WAMP clients ApplicationRunner on Twisted
  • new: RawSocket support in WAMP clients using ApplicationRunner on Twisted
  • new: Set WebSocket production settings on WAMP clients using ApplicationRunner on Twisted
  • fix: #715 Py2/Py3 issue with WebSocket traffic logging
  • new: allow WAMP factories to take classes OR instances of ApplicationSession
  • fix: make WebSocketResource working on Twisted 16.3
  • fix: remove some minified AutobahnJS from examples (makes distro packagers happy)
  • new: WAMP-RawSocket transport for asyncio
  • fix: #691 (security) If the allowedOrigins websocket option was set, the resulting matching was insufficient and would allow more origins than intended


Published 2016-05-26

  • fix: unpinned Twisted version again
  • fix: remove X-Powered-By header
  • fix: removed decrecated args to ApplicationRunner


Published 2016-05-01

  • new: use of batched/chunked timers to massively reduce CPU load with WebSocket auto-ping/pong
  • new: support new UBJSON WAMP serialization format
  • new: publish universal wheels
  • fix: replaced msgpack-python with u-msgpack-python
  • fix: some glitches with eligible / exlude when used with authid / authrole
  • fix: some logging glitches
  • fix: pin Twisted at 16.1.1 (for now)


Published 2016-04-09

  • moved helper funs for WebSocket URL handling to autobahn.websocket.util
  • fix: marshal WAMP options only when needed
  • fix: various smallish examples fixes


Published 2016-03-15

  • fix: better traceback logging (#613)
  • fix: unicode handling in debug messages (#606)
  • fix: return Deferred from run() (#603).
  • fix: more debug logging improvements
  • fix: more Pattern tests, fix edge case (#592).
  • fix: better logging from asyncio ApplicationRunner
  • new: disclose becomes a strict router-side feature (#586).
  • new: subscriber black/whitelisting using authid/authrole
  • new: asyncio websocket testee
  • new: refine Observable API (#593).


Published 2016-01-30

  • new: support CBOR serialization in WAMP
  • new: support WAMP payload transparency
  • new: beta version of WAMP-cryptosign authentication method
  • new: alpha version of WAMP-cryptobox end-to-end encryption
  • new: support user provided authextra data in WAMP authentication
  • new: support WAMP channel binding
  • new: WAMP authentication util functions for TOTP
  • fix: support skewed time leniency for TOTP
  • fix: use the new logging system in WAMP implementation
  • fix: some remaining Python 3 issues
  • fix: allow WAMP prefix matching register/subscribe with dot at end of URI


Published 2015-09-15

  • fixes regression #500 introduced with commit 9f68749


Published 2015-09-13

  • maintenance release with some issues fixed


Published 2015-09-06

  • fixes a regression in 0.10.6


Published 2015-09-05

  • maintenance release with nearly two dozen fixes
  • improved Python 3, error logging, WAMP connection mgmt, ..


Published 2015-08-06

  • maintenance release with lots of smaller bug fixes


Published 2015-05-08

  • maintenance release with some smaller bug fixes


Published 2015-04-14

  • new: using txaio package
  • new: revised WAMP-over-RawSocket specification implemented
  • fix: ignore unknown attributes in WAMP Options/Details


Published 2015-03-19

  • fix: Twisted 11 lacks IPv6 address class
  • new: various improvements handling errors from user code
  • new: add parameter to limit max connections on WebSocket servers
  • new: use new-style classes everywhere
  • new: moved package content to repo root
  • new: implement router revocation signaling for registrations/subscriptions
  • new: a whole bunch of more unit tests / coverage
  • new: provide reason/message when transport is lost
  • fix: send WAMP errors upon serialization errors


Published 2015-03-01

  • support for pattern-based subscriptions and registrations
  • support for shared registrations
  • fix: HEARTBEAT removed


Published 2015-02-19

  • Change license from Apache 2.0 to MIT
  • fix file line endings
  • add setuptools test target
  • fix Python 2.6


Published 2015-02-13

  • PEP8 code conformance
  • PyFlakes code quality
  • fix: warning for xrange on Python 3
  • fix: parsing of IPv6 host headers
  • add WAMP/Twisted service
  • fix: handle connect error in ApplicationRunner (on Twisted)


Published 2015-01-11

  • do not try to fire onClose on a session that never existed in the first place (fixes #316)
  • various doc fixes
  • fix URI decorator component handling (PR #309)
  • fix “standalone” argument to ApplicationRunner


Published 2014-12-15

  • refactor router code to
  • fix: catch error when Nagle cannot be set on stream transport (UDS)
  • fix: spelling in doc strings / docs
  • fix: WAMP JSON serialization of Unicode for ujson
  • fix: Twisted plugins issue


Published 2014-11-15

  • maintenance release with some smaller bug fixes
  • use ujson for WAMP when available
  • reduce WAMP ID space to [0, 2**31-1]
  • deactivate Twisted plugin cache recaching in


Published 2014-11-10

  • feature: WebSocket origin checking
  • feature: allow to disclose caller transport level info
  • fix: Python 2.6 compatibility
  • fix: handling of WebSocket close frame in a corner-case


Published 2014-10-17

  • fix: permessage-deflate “client_max_window_bits” parameter handling
  • fix: cancel opening handshake timeouts also for WebSocket clients
  • feature: add more control parameters to Flash policy file factory
  • feature: update AutobahnJS in examples
  • feature: allow to set WebSocket HTTP headers via dict
  • fix: ayncio imports for Python 3.4.2
  • feature: added reconnecting WebSocket client example


Published 2014-09-22

  • maintenance release with some smaller bug fixes


Published 2014-09-02

  • all WAMP v1 code removed
  • migrated various WAMP examples to WAMP v2
  • improved unicode/bytes handling
  • lots of code quality polishment
  • more unit test coverage


Published 2014-08-23

  • docs polishing
  • small fixes (unicode handling and such)


Published 2014-08-14

  • add automatic WebSocket ping/pong (#24)
  • WAMP-CRA client side (beta!)


Published 2014-08-05

  • fix Application class (#240)
  • support WSS for Application class
  • remove implicit dependency on bzip2 (#244)


Published 2014-07-23

  • WAMP application payload validation hooks
  • added Tox based testing for multiple platforms
  • code quality fixes



  • hooks and infrastructure for WAMP2 authorization
  • new examples: Twisted Klein, Crochet, wxPython
  • improved WAMP long-poll transport
  • improved stats tracker



  • WAMP-over-Long-poll (preliminary)
  • WAMP Authentication methods CR, Ticket, TOTP (preliminary)
  • WAMP App object (preliminary)
  • various fixes



  • maintenance release



  • initial support for WAMP on asyncio
  • new WAMP examples
  • WAMP ApplicationRunner



  • maintenance release



  • started reworking docs
  • allow factories to operate without WS URL
  • fix behavior on second protocol violation



  • support WAMP endpoint/handler decorators
  • new examples for endpoint/handler decorators
  • fix excludeMe pubsub option



  • initial support for WAMP v2 authentication
  • various fixes/improvements to WAMP v2 implementation
  • new example: WebSocket authentication with Mozilla Persona
  • polish up documentation



  • fix bug with closing router app sessions



  • compatibility with latest WAMP v2 spec (“RC-2, 2014/02/22”)
  • various smaller fixes



  • WAMP v2 basic router (broker + dealer) implementation
  • WAMP v2 example set
  • WAMP v2: decouple transports, sessions and routers
  • support explicit (binary) subprotocol name for wrapping WebSocket factory
  • fix dependency on MsgPack



  • new: complete WAMP v2 protocol implementation and API layer
  • new: basic WAMP v2 router implementation
  • existing WAMP v1 implementation renamed



  • fix WebSocket server HTML status page
  • fix close reason string handling
  • new “slowsquare” example
  • Python 2.6 fixes



  • support asyncio on Python 2 (via “Trollius” backport)



  • really fix setup/packaging



  • setup fixes
  • fixes for Python2.6



  • asyncio support
  • Python 3 support
  • support WebSocket (and WAMP) over Twisted stream endpoints
  • support Twisted stream endpoints over WebSocket
  • twistd stream endpoint forwarding plugin
  • various new examples
  • fix Flash policy factory



  • Twisted reactor is no longer imported on module level (but lazy)
  • optimize pure Python UTF8 validator (10-20% speedup on PyPy)
  • opening handshake traffic stats (per-open stats)
  • add multi-core echo example
  • fixes with examples of streaming mode
  • fix zero payload in streaming mode



  • support latest permessage-deflate draft
  • allow controlling memory level for zlib / permessage-deflate
  • updated reference, moved docs to “Read the Docs”
  • fixes #157 (a WAMP-CRA timing attack very, very unlikely to be exploitable, but anyway)



  • symmetric RPCs
  • WebSocket compression: client and server, permessage-deflate, permessage-bzip2 and permessage-snappy
  • onConnect is allowed to return Deferreds now
  • custom publication and subscription handler are allowed to return Deferreds now
  • support for explicit proxies
  • default protocol version now is RFC6455
  • option to use salted passwords for authentication with WAMP-CRA
  • automatically use ultrajson acceleration package for JSON processing when available
  • automatically use wsaccel acceleration package for WebSocket masking and UTF8 validation when available
  • allow setting and getting of custom HTTP headers in WebSocket opening handshake
  • various new code examples
  • various documentation fixes and improvements



  • base version when we started to maintain a changelog